Sunday, June 17, 2012

Welcome to 18

As of last Thursday, I am officially an adult. Definition: I am officially old.

I've never had much thought or feeling about turning a certain age, but being 18 feels completely strange to me. I'm still the same as I was at 17, but different.

I am legal.

I can vote.

I can go to the singles ward.

I can move out.

I can go clubbing.

I can order products off of infomercials.

I no longer need my parents signature on library cards and bank accounts.

I can buy NyQuil without the cashier thinking I'm a drug addicted teenager.

See? 18 is different!

I think I'll try to embrace these changes. ;)

Despite the weirdness of my new age, my birthday was pretty great. I spent some time with my mom at the hospital, and was surprised with a party by my family in the waiting room. I ate red velvet cake, yum! I played around with my new phone. I went hiking with my family and got a sunburn. I went back to the hospital and quietly watched movies, which was a luxury in itself. And I learned that I have some really amazing people in my life, both here with me in Utah and in places far away. I have some truly awesome family, friends, and people who feel like family.
Thanks so much you guys. <3

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