Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Please ignore my messy hand writing and Instagram-like photo.

The list is complete! I now have three and a half pages full of things to do this summer. I'm seriously so excited about all of it, and I wanted to share some of my list. It's a little too long to type it all out, but I'll post updates through-out the summer as I cross some of the items off. :)

#1. Morning run 3+ times a week (I hate running, but love morning runs. Weird.)
#3. Start a new photography project (I'm thinking Project 104?)
#5. Go to a concert. Plans have been made for this already. Joshua Radin+J9+July 17th= awesome sauce.
#6. Run a 5k (I'm signing up for a midnight run!)
#7. Bake a new kind of cupcake every week. It's so I improve my baking skills, duh. ;)

#8. Go hiking
#13. Back yard camping.
#18. Go to the Singles Ward (maybe I'm not too excited about this one yet...)
#19. Try a new hair color. I'm totally open to suggestions for this.
#22. Finish reading the Book of Mormon
#27. Have a pic-nic
#29. Spend a day prop shopping
#31. Give blood
#34. Do baptisms at the temple
#37. (attempt to) Chalk dye my hair
#40. Slurpees with Leslie
#51. Buy a disposable camera. Because summer is the perfect time to use one. :)
#53. Convince Leslie to watch a scary movie (it WILL happen)
#54. Make cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast (they just sound so delicious, even to me)
#71. Attend a midnight premiere. I really don't even care what movie it's for.
#75. Get a pet turtle. I've wanted one forever, the hard part will just be talking my parents into it.
#84. Wear heels. (I think I'm the only teenage girl left in the world who hasn't done this...)

Yeah, so, there's a few of the things I will (hopefully) be doing. Oh, and having the best summer ever. :)

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  1. scary movies are call scary for a reason... because they're too scary to watch. Now I want cinnamon roll pancakes