Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hey there, Utah

 The journey from Albuquerque to Salt Lake. 
It was a long one. 
Three days in the car, getting to be a little too close to my family, if you know what I mean.
I documented the trip through short journal entries and photos, [lots of photos] mostly as a way to give me something to do. But I figured, hey, why not turn it into a blog post? 
The photos really aren't in order, by the way.

Sunday: [4.1.12.]
10:40- Finally on the road, almost four hours later than planned

10:44- First gas stop of the journey
11:15- Already being terrified by my dad's driving. I suspect this will last the whole time.
11:23-Flat desert on one side, hills and mountains on the other. It's beautiful. I want to stop and take a million pictures.
4:32-I've acquired a nice pink sunburn today thanks to the hours spent sitting by the window.
4:40- Arizona, please, let me photograph you.
5:43- So many people. So little car.
6:38- When did camping become a part of the plan? Someone forgot to tell me about it.
7:32- Did our tent really just fall of the back of the car? [Answer?Yes it did]
7:45- Back at camp, with a new tent. Time to set up.
8:03- it's SNOWING
10:05- S'mores

MONDAY: [4.2.12.]
10:05-My feet are completely frozen when I wake up. It was 27 degrees last night.
10:11- Bagels: the breakfast of champions
10:30- Playground with the sibs, I'm such a little kid
11:21-It's finally warming up!
12:06- Back on the road...
12:25- ...but not for long. Wal-Mart stop.
2:30- Grand Canyon time
3:20-Watched a documentary type movie about the GC. Never have I wanted to go river rafting until now...
4:00- This is possibly the most amazing thing I've ever seen
5:20- Back on the road, I could have stayed way longer.
5:35-Finished reading The Hunger Games to Scott [and immediately started on Catching Fire at his request]
6:06- My camera died. :(
6:10- Sipping gatorade. I've been getting carsick a lot the last couple months.
7:04- Jack-in-the-box stop. My dad is excited, it's one of his favorite places and they don't have it in Florida.
8:15- Hello Utah! and a new time zone.
8:21- Head phones in, noisy family out. "It's like a stereo in your head"
8:39-Passing big trucks on two lane roads always frightens me
9:35-My face is BURNING. Apparently I got a worse sunburn today.
9:49- I'm trying to decide which state has the worse roads: UT or AZ? They both make it impossible to sleep.
10:28- I sware the two cars in front of us are having a contest to see who's the slower driver
11:08- We're stopping for the night in a single stop light town [in a hotel this time!] It looks cute, but it's too dark to tell
11:34- Disney Channel with the youngest sibs until we fall asleep [We haven't watched it in two months, this may be awhile]

Tuesday: [4.3.12.]
11:32-First 'meal' of the day: beef jerky and snack packs. We woke up too late to eat before we left.
1:30-stopping for lunch at a park..that's in a church parking lot.
2:10 Freeze tag and races! 
2:47- FINALLY my turn to drive! First time this whole trip.
4:14- Almost to Provo
4:53- First dose of Utah traffic
5:52- SLC!
6:01- Checking into the hotel, quickly
6:15- Temple Square!

 And so we're here.

Cool story, right?

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